Brooklyn Shoe, Watch and Jewelry Repair

Use a Shoe Horn

Consider using a shoe horn when putting on your shoes. It saves the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear and makes it easier and quicker getting into your shoes. If you choose a long shoe horn it relieves you from bending over.


Use Shoe Trees

Using a Shoe Trees will keep the shape of the shoe intact. Daily use of your shoe trees prevents the upper leather from curling and cracking. The leather shape is nicely maintained by the tension of the shoe tree. We carry a selection of shoe trees are designed to fit properly and easily to nearly all shoe styles on market. Spring action and split toe designs allow the tree to fill the natural shape of your shoe.

We have a selection of  unfinished cedar shoe trees which absorb moisture naturally. The aroma of cedar deodorizes your shoes naturally so odors are naturally negated by the scent of aromatic cedar.


Waterproof your shoes

A water repellant protective spray is an excellent way to protect your shoes from water, snow, mud, and spills. You first wipe the dirt off with a damp piece of cloth and  following the instructions on the protector spray. Spray your new shoes before wearing and in intervals. Old school mink oil will waterproof and preserve leather too, but it can darken lighter shades of leathers.


Use a leather cleaner …

... to clean the dirt off the top. Don’t ever use a cleaner that contains an acid or a detergent. Both are damaging to fine leather and will age the shoe fast. If the shoes are very dirty, use saddle soap and water for a deep cleaning. Rinse away all of the saddle soap or left over saddle soap will damage leather, just as dried soap left on your skin can cause excessive drying. Never use a detergent, it destroys the natural oils. Always use proper leather saddle soap for cleaning.


Cream Polish

Use a quality Cream or Paste polish to shine your shoes. Make sure the polish tint matches the color of your shoes. When possible bring your shoes to match the color. Use polish a shade lighter than the shoe to cover scratches. For light colored shoes use neutral “color”. Cream or Paste polish will moisturizes leather, keeping it flexible. A Wax polish shines leather better than cream, but it seals the leather and can cause it to dry out. Apply your polish with a soft, clean cotton rag like an old socks or t-shirt.  Allow the shoes to dry for 10 to 15 minutes then buff the shoe with a horsehair polishing brush and finish up with a soft clean cloth to bring out a high luster.


Wet Shoes

Before your shoes even get wet consider waxing or oiling them so they will repel water.  If you let your shoes get wet without protection the leather will stretch, weaken, shrink and even become brittle when dry.  If however, your shoes get wet, you should dry them a.s.a.p. at room temperature.
Do not attempt to dry leather shoes by placing them on a heater, hairblower or in front of an open fire. The heat will “cook” your shoes and the leather will dry out and become brittle. Ensure that air can circulate inside the boots.
Under no circumstance should you leave your wet shoes for days without drying out for they can become moldy. That is very bad for your shoes because mold is hard to get rid of.


Odor control

The main problem with athletic shoes is controlling odor. There is a variety of deodorizing products available including insoles, powders and sprays. When odor is present you should buy a product that absorbs the odor-causing bacteria and counteracts it. Simply masking the odor will not solve the problem.
Never put your athletc shoes in the washer or immerse them in water. Regular sneakers made of canvas like Converse Chuck Taylors, can be hand washed with a mild detergent (old-fashioned Ivory soap) and cold water. Remove the laces from your sneakers and wash them separately in the laundry. Don’t trow your shoes in the dryer, instead allow them to air dry after washing if you want them to keep their shape.

With nylon sneakers prevention goes a long way. Spraying nylon shoes periodically with a silicone spray will keep dirt and stains from clinging.Wipe nylon and nylon mesh sneakers clean with a damp cloth. Never immerse these shoes in water or put them through the washer / dryer.
You can keep your sneakers looking and feeling new with new laces and new insoles, they’re often better than the original.


Rotate your shoes

Don’t wear the same pair of Shoes everyday. Just like you, Shoes need a day off so to make your fine leather shoes to last a lot longer, never wear them for two consecutive days.