Brooklyn Shoe, Watch and Jewelry Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

My shoes are kind of thight, can you stretch them?

Yes, almost all kinds of leather and fabric can be stretched with the exception of patent leather.

Can sneaker soles be replaced?

It depends on how the bottom is build but we need to inspect your sneakers to see if this a a viable option.

Can you dye shoes?

Yes but leather goods can only be dyed from light to dark shade. Most often dying is part of the restoration of damaged or scuffed shoes to their original look.

The lining on my shoes are worn out but the outside is still good, what can I do?

Don't throw them away! We reline your shoes with top of the line materials to make them as good or better than new.

I lost a couple of rivets, you know, where the laces go through, fell out. One of them is hooked. Do you have those?

We can repair all types of rivets and find matching or custom replacement.